Meeting of hfcyclists on Tuesday 12th November at the home of Alex Ingram

Attending: Natasha Herriott, Suzie Gretz, John Griffiths, Janusz Carmello, Ayse Kardes, Sima John,Paul Saunderson, Ken McCosh
Apologies: Roger De Freitas

Sadly, no new members.

Alex gave an update on an interesting and vibrant meeting of the neighbouring Kensington & Chelsea campaign he had attended the previous evening. They had two new members, and a very vibrant discussion including a talk from Jeremy Leach of 20’s plenty. Alex had exchanged details and opened discussion with him.

At the meeting tonight in Hammersmith there was a discussion of where 20mph was in the borough, how effective it was and how enforcement could best be handled. There was concern about how well 20 mph worked, but Alex noted the very interesting point from previous night that the timing of sets of traffic lights was being used to set 20mph. Much concern that 20mph difficult when some roads in other control but examples elsewhere in London now of 20mph being applied to main roads by TfL such as Camden High Street.

Update on ongoing issues

Superhighway 9. This continues to be in question, due to kensington and Chelsea and their objection to first blue paint, and later segregation. There is no firm news, but clearly attention being focused on fixing existing superhighways could delay anyway. Possible scheme to deliver reduced route from Hammersmith onwards.

Susie Gretz raised the Superhighway 2 extension launch she had seen on TV.
Alex explained this was the first new segregated section of superhighway Transport for London (TfL) had opened, going from Bow Roundabout to Stratford. Though it represented progress with several new features such as the bus stop bypass, TfL on record that it was not perfect, and many design aspects they would like still needing changes to support from Department for Transport.

Hammersmith Bridge – resurfacing now underway, perhaps brought forward due to Putney Bridge
Clarification received after meeting from Chris Bainbridge at council that painting of markings may be as now because more comprehensive resurfacing likely in near future. This resurfacing was due to be complete this morning, Friday 15th November.

Putney Bridge has now been proposed for a 6 month closure by Wandsworth Council to enable rapid repairs. Problems not just due to severely ruttted surface due to buses but also internal water main leak damage. LBHF supportive of closure. Concern expressed by many over the possible impact of redirected traffic.

LIP – Alex talked through, showed the targets and graphs on KSIs and Incidents. This is already on the website, so refer to this for details along with an analysis of casualty statistics in the borough. Alex notes that he is still looking at local figures for more useful data to back up calls for change and improvement.

Overview of LIP and borough cycle funding bid
Overview of local borough cycle casualty statistics

Meeting with councillors – still no date agreed, but Alex noted that picture of cycling policy in London evolving at present. John to pursue further.

Hammersmith Broadway – plans with Andrew Gilligan for review but as yet no response. Hopefully council will have this soon. Alex also reviewing current provision to help be ready to assess any proposals. Alex noted concern that council appears to link gyratory removal at Hammersmith Broadway with flyunder tunnel N-S (Fulham Palace Rd – Shepherds Bush Rd) which seems unlikely, and somewhat out of proportion.

Cycle hire opens in December, go live date given of December 13th. Hire stands in Fulham up to Hammersmith Broadway with a dog leg towards council building. Paul queried bike hire locations, given that often seemed to be not near to a particular destination. Alex chipped in that hire team aim for about a 400m spacing between stations, and as bikes have no lock, docks needed for all conceivable journeys. Density can vary depending on use once in place. Delivery into Kensington had included stands at gap sites but edge sites in borough all appear to be at good destinations.

John G noted letter in chronicle on bike parking, querying delivery of bike hire for visitors rather than bike parking for residents. Noted by others that parking a good campaign, as locations like Alex’s house had shortage of suitable bike parking nearby despite being a good high street. Perhaps move for bike parking in the carriageway as in Hackney and other boroughs.

Update on lorry safety after Susie’s query. Feedback from LBHF team was that they get good feedback on their training, and are increasing programme as part of their bid for TfL cycling funds (as yet unconfirmed).

There then followed an accidentally but usefully combined discussion of space4cycling and a query from Angie White of Brackenbury Residents Association on anti-social cycling. She had complained to John of seeing an increase in cycling on the pavement.
The group had a vibrant discussion of what might lead people to cycle on the pavement. Examples observed included: cycling on the pavement at night when main roads could seem particularly threatening as traffic thinned and speed increased,
John G keen to emphasise that no anti-social, fast or dangerous cycling on pavements was acceptable but that very slow paced cycling between sections of safer road appeared less of an issue. John G also noted that LBHF police not seemingly fining on Hammersmith Bridge, but Richmond were. Sima noted that there are a number of places where cycling is permitted on the pavement but it is often unclear. Sima also noted the key issues of cycling with Children. Children not prosecuted for cycling on pavement, but what of parents cycling children to school. Alex noted targets in local plans for cycling to school needed measures to support. Alex also noted that he felt in many ways this was an emergent problem – i.e. it was the behaviour being a product of the conditions rather than the behaviour being merely something people did because they were seeking to be unpleasant. As such he was keen to find ways to look at areas where people complain of anti-social cycling and look for proposals for changes as part of Space4Cycling to deal with them. Perhaps that could help instead make requests for cycling seem oppositional to making the borough a more pleasant place but rather a key way of making that happen.

Alex gave overview of Space4Cycling, but things slightly changed since so corrected for minutes.
Key dates to be aware of:
25th November – deadline for nominations or applications to organise Space4Cycling in each borough to LCC
In next week or so – LCC to survey full supporter list for feedback on which of the 6 policy themes matter most in their ward.

Susie was concerned at how much online effort this all involves. John G view that we should target marginal wards. Alex concerned about how we do this
Paul concerned about the start point. John G suggests open comments on the web to start. Can we devise borough and ward asks?

With LCC survey to all members now imminent best not to doubly ask on website – will word page on website primarily as informational to help people in understanding where we are now (20mph, filtered permeability etc.) and drive responses. This will go up next week, and then thread pushed on here.

Other Business?
Paul noted the complaint on Shepherds Bush tube, about stalls in the cycle lane had been effective. Alex note that this had worked, but pedestrians are now walking down cycle lane, however as cycle lane was rather modestly used (given poor location) and mostly as access to cycle parking that being alright was most important

Paul noted request from towpath ranger to arrange a meet and greet on the canal. Alex agreed to check what could be done, but agreement from many that need to time this towards a warmer month – also query of who we are targeting – is it the commuters or leisure cyclists? Paul reckoned really the commuters who sometimes ride at excessive speed. Agreed that good to help make this happen so to talk to LBHF but first liase with RBKC group and maybe Ealing to see if collaborative approach within LCC groups to have series of events. Needs funding ideally from council.
Date of next meeting

Expenses – £32 for Refreshments

Rides – Alex to lead ride to White Cross in Richmond for Christmas Lunch on 8th December, 10:30 start meet by Hammersmith Bridge

Next Meeting – Tuesday 10th December, maybe budget for snacks.
Explicit timing 6:30-8:30 but we would hang around
Current pub shortlist:
Thatched House
Queens Head
The Swan
Plough & Harrow

Venue to be confirmed next week, then advertised.