Space For Cycling in Hammersmith and Fulham

hfcyclists is the Hammersmith and Fulham Branch of the London Cycling Campaign. Our three key aims are to encourage more people to cycle, improve conditions for cyclists and raise the profile of cycling.

Our Space for Cycling campaign is only one borough’s part of the whole London Space for Cycling Campaign, please refer to the wider campaign’s Space for Cycling site to see the whole campaign and search for wards by postcode.


For the 2014 local elections we are promoting the following ‘mini manifesto’ of themes where action can improve cycling throughout the borough alongside more specific demands for each ward. These have been agreed after consultation with our membership and beyond over a number of months. The mini-manifesto places the ward asks into a context within the borough as a whole, and we are discussing it and the asks with local candidates.

These plans are a start towards a more open conversation with politicians and officials on cycling in Hammersmith and Fulham. We are keen to see open discussion on how opportunities for funding and change can improve the lives of people locally whether they cycle or not. Many of the issues people who cycle face such as threatening through traffic or potholes are common to all residents and tackling them will be good for all.


In order that cycling can grow further and be a genuine choice for more people in Hammersmith and Fulham, we believe that there should be:

  • A complete cycling network in Hammersmith and Fulham connecting neighbourhoods, schools and town centres addressing key barriers (e.g. Hammersmith Gyratory, Shepherd’s Bush Green, bridges, main roads, railway lines) with direct and safe routes and protected space and junctions on or over main roads.
  • Greater emphasis on the needs of pedestrians and cyclists over through traffic especially where space is highly contested. We have seen a dramatic fall in car ownership and use in the Borough so there is space to work with. Additionally the health issues of air pollution and inactive lifestyles need to be tackled together by providing a more pleasant environment and urban space for all.
  • Further use of bollards (filtered permeability) should be made as a rapid and efficient way to reduce through traffic using residential streets as rat runs.
  • Stronger enforcement of 20mph limits, using updated police guidance, to further reduce casualties and provide a safer feeling space where 20mph limits already exist.
  • Wider use of 20mph limits and zones in the borough. This should be introduced as a priority for Hammersmith Bridge and further as a priority in Town Centres. Ultimately our aim is for a default, borough 20mph limit.
  • Greater attention to road quality. Potholes are a nuisance to all road users and a particular danger to cyclists; the council should aim to address all potholes on the main roads rapidly as a matter of critical safety.

  • Increased efforts to provide parking for bicycles to support access to bicycles for more residents, including placing stands in the road. A single car space can hold 10 bicycles, helping free pavement space for pedestrians.

Our detailed asks for each ward

Our ward ‘asks’ are now live on the LCC SpaceForCycling campaign where you can review them and take action. By ward, we are asking for:

Connecting neighbourhoods under the railway and over Shepherds Bush Road by reducing traffic speeds and stopping rat-running
Protected Space on Goldhawk Road, reworking a dual carriageway into a bicycle boulevard
Avonmore and Brook Green
Connecting neighbourhoods over Hammersmith Road, by the A4 and around Olympia by making the one way streets in the area, two way for cycling
College Park and Old Oak
Safe passage to the north of the borough with protected space on Wood Lane
Fulham Broadway
Make Fulham’s main roads into welcoming high streets
Fulham Reach
Safe prioritised junctions over Fulham Palace Road
Hammersmith Broadway
Make Hammersmith a calmer environment with 20mph from the Thames to the Town Centre
20mph for the heart of Fulham
North End
Safe prioritised junctions over A4 and measures on surrounding streets
Palace Riverside
Safe prioritised routes throughout Palace Riverside
Parsons Green and Walham
Make the centres of Fulham into pleasant areas by reducing traffic speeds, removing rat runs and making one way streets two way for cycling
Ravenscourt Park
Aschurch Park Villas is used as a rat-run despite existing calming
Sands End
Safe prioritised routes along Wandsworth Bridge Road
Shepherd’s Bush Green
Protected Space around Shepherd’s Bush Green and Holland Park Roundabout
Safer junctions with lower speeds to improve entry to borough
Wormholt and White City
Safe Routes to Schools over Uxbridge Road and on key side streets

If you are interested in helping with the campaign in the run up to the election we have a list of ways you can help. Alternately, if you’d like to get in touch as a local resident, worker or even (prospective) candidate drop us a line.

2 thoughts on “Space For Cycling in Hammersmith and Fulham”

  1. Re Goldhawk Road.
    I would support improvements along the Goldhawk Road for cyclist. The narrowing of road from Hammersmith Grove to Shepherd Bush Green places cyclist at greater risk. Currently there is no cycle lane.

    Parking is currently permitted along the Goldhawk Road after 19.00hrs and at the weekends this places cyclist at risk when manoeuvring into middle of the road to make a right hand turn into Invermead close. When stationary cars are parked along the road side vehicles have to drive into the middle of the road therefore it is dangerous for cyclist to use the right hand junction.

    Any feedback on these matters would be appreciated. I have spoken to the LBHF transport team and I was informed HF cyclist forum and TFL were consulted on the Goldhawk Road redesign so I am puzzled by the narrowing of the Goldhawk Road as this poses a risk to cyclists.

    1. Denise. There are 2 sections concerned here. One is the Shepherds Bush Town Centre West project which covers the area from a little to the west of Hammersmith Grove up to the Common. The principal behind this was to make the pavements wider, and do away with the bus lanes. In this section the council will demark cycle lanes by using armadillos. This will be done when Uxbridge road is clear of road works. Two from our group met with the Council and were only shown detailed plans at these meetings. I will send you notes of these meetings.

      Invermead close lies outside that project area. I do not know if there have been changes to that area or if it is a long lasting problem. There may have been a local consultation but I do not believe that we were involved. There is always a problem with cars being allowed to park on single yellow lines, and a special proble when they park outside permitted hours.

      Sorry for the delay in replying as there has been a period where we were not monitoring the website.

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