Equal Opportunities statement and policy

  1. General statement: hfcyclists is committed to ensuring that it provides equal opportunities to all in all its work. The group fully supports all the relevant legislation and considers that access for all is of key importance. We are committed to ensuring that equal opportunities are reflected in all our services, activities, policy and decisions.
  2. Our commitment to opposing all types of discrimination must be evident in all aspects of our work. We will ensure that people providing services on our behalf actively support this policy.
  3. hfcyclists aim to:
    • encourage more people to cycle
    • improve conditions for cyclists
    • raise the profile of cycling

    particularly in the area covered by LBHF, but not restricted to it.

  4. Policy aim: to ensure equal opportunities for all, irrespective of age, class, employment status, ethnic or national origins, abilities, marital status, medical condition, race, religious beliefs, responsibilities for dependants, sex, sexual orientation or unrelated criminal convictions.
  5. Policy statement: hfcyclists, through its work and activities, will not tolerate discrimination against others as defined above. hfcyclists recognises that such discrimination is prevalent throughout society and will work to counter that.

hfcyclists members, management committee and the London Cycling Campaign fully support this policy. All members have a responsibility to comply with, and promote, this policy:


  • openly welcome
  • aim to provide a volunteering environment in which all are equally valued
  • recognise that this policy needs to be followed when planning or implementing anything
  • will work to ensure that its membership reflects the wider community
  • will work to ensure that its activities etc attract people from all parts of society and that no discrimination takes place
  • recognise that equal opportunity issues change and evolve. Hfcyclists will therefore adapt policies and actions as necessary.

Adopted at the hfcyclists EGM of 11 January 2005 and replaces theĀ EOP of 8 November 2000

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