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We have on-going discussions on our email group. We also hold a regular meeting for which we provide an Agenda before and Minutes afterwards, details of meetings between December 2001 and June 2013 are on our old website.

Hfcyclists meeting September 8th 2020


Perunika Petkova

Casey Aberaonye

David Ford

Petrina Beaufoy HELM

Ken Mc Cosh 

On google meet, which seemed to work ok.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

There is vocal, organised opposition to Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.  Everyone who has experienced a LTN would not go back to normal traffic levels.  Better air quality, less traffic, better quality of life.

There is one new LTN in S Fulham, on the East side of Wandsworth Bridge road.

At the moment Hammersmith bridge is closed, Vauxhall Bridge and Wandsworth bridge are being repaired so narrowed.

People in Sands End West are complaining that there is more traffic through their area.  We need people in Sands End to call for their own Low Traffic Neighbourhood to stop the extra traffic.  The people who are complaining are a minority (most H&F residents do not have a car), but they are very vocal.  We need the silent majority to become vocal supporters of Low traffic neighbourhoods.  

There is a link in the newsletter, to send an email to the councillors to support LTN.  Please fill in and send the email, and pass it on to as many people as possible.

Casey will circulate to WhatsApp groups and NextDoor.


Leo Murray – member of Possible, W6 families for Safe cycling etc, is running a campaign against the advertising (badvertising) of SUVs.

Please sign the petition and circulate.

These cars are 25% more polluting, kill and injure more people, and take up more space. They are popular because of the advertising that sells them as safe for the occupants, but ignores the reduction of safety for other road users.

More information:

Consultation on making the Highway code more cycle friendly

Closing date October 27th.

The LCC and other organisations have been successful in lobbying the Department of Transport to update the highway code with lots of cycle and pedestrian friendly changes.  Please participate in the consultation to strongly support the proposals.

School Streets

People should be walking, cycling, or scooting to school.  Most car journeys to school are less than half a mile.  These are ideal for switching to sustainable transport.

H&F council are trialling 13 schools. This will involve closure of part of the street outside the school, at drop off and collection times.

Residents and trades people can drive along the road.  

In some boroughs the council workers erect the barriers.  In some the children man the barriers.  It has been very successful where schools have championed the traffic free school streets.

If the parent tries to drive and has to park away from the school, and then leaves their car to walk their child to the school gates, they risk the parking attendants fining their car.  

Ken pointed out that Avonmoor school is on a busy road.  Here it might be possible to:

  1. Introduce a 10 mile an hour speed limit
  2. Have no stopping or pickup or dropoff.

This would make the road outside the school much safer.

Petrina Beaufoy pointed out that most parents with cars don’t want to put their children on bikes.  David pointed out that in Chelsea school children these days often come home on scooters.

Pollution inside a car is 140% higher than outside the car.  Driving kids half a mile to school is a waste of petrol, creates congestion, makes the roads dangerous for children to cycle, encourages children and parents to be lazy, and contributes to unhealthy lifestyles and killer air pollution.

A car hit children outside a Beatrix potter primary school in Earlesfield.  7 children and 2 parents were hit.  We need to encourage safer streets by stopping using vehicles near school.


Sunday rides.  

David, Casey & Ken have started a successful run of Sunday rides for the last 3 weeks from Empress State building North Fulham.  

Some small, short and local, 2 hours, 10 till 2pm.  

Huge success. Very positive response from the participants

2nd ride went to Chiswick Flower market – very busy – 20 minute wait to go in, but very good ride.  Almost entirely off main roads – small roads and long the river – plotted by Ken McCosh.

Peri is doing recci ride for one of the Sunday riders to find a suitable cycle route for her son to go to school.

We propose to run a ride every Sunday with a longer ride once a month.  Maybe an extra sunday when we could have 2 groups, or start a short ride, and then the keen cyclists could carry on?

David said there is a group of cyclists setting off from the design centre by Holland Park every Sunday 10 am  – they have 2 groups, one for a longer ride, and one for a shorter.

There was a discussion about starting our H&F Sunday rides from Brook Green, as being more central to H&F.

World’s Biggest Bike Ride- cycling UK

Saturday 12th September.  Please log on to Facebook and log how many miles you have done.  Aim to be the biggest big ride ever in the world.  Strava app – aiming for a million cycle miles. 

This could be an opportunity to ride the new cycle infrastructure? A critical mass to ride around Hammersmith and Fulham?  Casey will get in touch with Ealing, Hounslow, Better streets K&C, to ask what they are doing. Provisionally will meet on Brook Green, 10am. Near Dunsany Road.

Watch this space!

London to Brighton has been postponed till September 2021.

This Sunday 13th September:

Casey and Peri leading the ride. 10am – 12:00 Empress state building short ride, probably around H&F 

Note: In light of the Saturday ride we will not hold a ride on Sunday 13th.

20th September – long ride

Ken proposing one of 24 miles:  Round ride out west.   Along Grand Union Canal,  Cranford Park, South of Southall, Hounslow Heath, Crane River Park, Cafe Nellor Gardens, Home along river Thames from Twickenham.

Palace to Palace

The physical Buckingham palace to Windsor Castle 40 miles ride / walk is replaced this year by a virtual ride over 21st -27th September. Create your own cycling or walking challenge!

Like to ride Fulham palace to Windsor castle?  Remember that there is a train to come back from Windsor to Putney if you are too tired to ride back.

27th September Dave next ride – a suggestion to go to Greenwich market – 22 miles.

There was some discussion about starting the rides earlier – if we started at 9am a short ride would be finished at 11.  Petrine would like a Sunday afternoon ride, but everyone else has things to do in the afternoon, and would like to go out if anything earlier on a Sunday morning.

The LCC has increased the regulatory requirements for LCC insured rides.  The rides have to be advertised on the LCC website.  Dave has offered to do the risk assessment .  Casey, Peri, Dave and Ken will have a separate meeting to check the new leading LCC rides rules.  5pm Friday Brompton Cemetery.

August 2020 meeting

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 11 August 2020, 6.30 – 8 pm. Join on the link below

The meeting will be online at and we may meet physically alongside the online meeting for a small group at Margravine Cemetery, 19 St Dunstan’s Rd, Hammersmith, London W6 8RD

If you are thinking of joining in person please let us know on the WhatsApp group



We might be facing a possible issue over numbers of Marshals available for Prudential Freecycle. We will renew the call for volunteers to register. Training is available on Thursday 25th, July at 5:30pm at the LCC Offices in Wapping. Sign up 


There are a few Play Streets currently being suggested and there has been a successful one held recently in Cobbold Street W12 Coinciding with London Car Free Day / Week we can support some suggested applications. These can be applied for with guidance from London Play  and we will look to create flyers, help knock on doors to discuss with neighbours and generate interest / mitigate opposition. Please email with possible street suggestions.


Please continue to write in to your councillors to voice your support for this scheme. You can find your Representatives’ details either on the LBHF website or at


This closed on 14 July 2019. The Royal Parks are looking at reducing the presence of and pollution from the vast amounts of through traffic that goes through many of their parks. They have been consulting on this. As always you can still email in to voice your support for proposals to stop the parks being used as through-routes for motor traffic. People will still be able to access the parks by car but the main traffic passing through would be eliminated, creating safer, more pleasant environments. See details and stay updated here.


LCC Local Group members are organising a Summer Social event on July 31st at 6:00PM in Look Mum No Hands (49 Old St, London EC1V 9HX). There’ll be a talk at by the #MakeTheLane organisers, followed by a chance to get to know your fellow activists, make new contacts, and most importantly, have fun! More information is available on Facebook and on the LCC website Everybody is welcome!


HFCyclists and Extinction Rebellion are riding to support the

Council on Wednesday 17 July 2019 to support the motion to declare a Climate Emergency in the borough and to call for action. Meet at Hammersmith Bridge on Wednesday at 5.30pm. We will ride across the bridge, convene on the opposite side for a photograph, turn and ride back to the Town Hall in time to meet councillors on their way into the meeting. An Extinction Rebellion group of riders will start out at Waterloo Millenium Green, Baylis Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7AA at 4.00pm and join us at Hammersmith Bridge for the Ride On The Town Hall. They will continue onwards after the assembly outside the Town Hall, returning to Marble Arch.

A number of us will attend the council meeting to support the motion.

We will write to contact the media regarding the ride.


There are a few Facebook groups springing up to discuss the perceived impact of the closure of the bridge to motor vehicles. One such is The Impact of the Closure of Hammersmith Bridge . We suggest joining some of the discussions to counteract  the negativity and allusion that all that needs to happen is for cars to be returned to the bridge for traffic nirvana to occur.

Philippa wrote to St Pauls school asking them to measure absentee levels across the coming and previous terms. This is to see if the bridge closure has stopped children from attending school.


The next ride is to Osterley Park on Sunday Sunday, 21/07/2019, 10 am

From Pekoe Mellow Tea House, 22 Aldensley Road W6 0DH

We will start our ride about 10:15 am from Brackenbury Village meeting at Pekoe Mellow Tea House. Come early to experience quality fresh teas and British ‘teatime’ treats.

This is a leisurely ride to Osterley Park, using a 15 mile circular route through quiet streets, parks, canal paths and farmland. 
Rest and refreshments at Osterley House.

Families and Children are welcome.


Registration is now open for this ride. Details are on On Monday 22nd July, there will be a little meet and greet to explain more at: 

The Queen’s Head in Holborn, 64 Theobalds Rd, Holborn, London WC1X 8SF from 6.30pm onwards. 

  2. Heading For Extinction talk by Extinction Rebellion on 10 July 2019 – this was hugely successful and enlightening.
  3. Extinction Rebellion Summer Uprising – 15 – 20 July 2019
  4. Extinction Rebellion Ride On Hammersmith Town Hall – Wednesday 17 July 2019
  5. HFCyclists Ride – Sunday, 19th July 2019
  6. Stop Killing Cyclists – 7 September 2019
  7. David Eales Memorial Ride to Amsterdam – Sep 2019 
    13th August 2019, 19:00-21:00

Pekoe Mellow Tea House, 22 Aldensley Road, Hammersmith London W6 0DH


Present: Casey, Claire, Pet, Peri, Ken, Ruth, Michael, Teneille

Apologies: Roger, Paul,


Welcome to Claire and Pet.

  • UXBRIDGE ROAD – we wanted to know if lbhf had been in contact with ealing about proposals for a segregated cycle lane along the length of uxbridge road

TfL is consulting on road and junction improvements from Holland Park roundabout to Notting Hill. We need to generate as much support for the scheme as possible. Consultation closes on the 16th of June 2019. Please follow the link below for details and to respond, there are drop-in sessions at:

The Bush Theatre, 7 Uxbridge Road, London W12 8LJ – Wednesday 5 June 2019 (17:00 – 21:00)

The Bush Theatre, 7 Uxbridge Road, London W12 8LJ – Saturday 8 June 2019 (11:00 – 15:00)

We need volunteers to help distribute fliers and engage with schools, bodies and organisations to get the word out. Vin Aithol contacted staff members at Imperial College who are happy to help reach out to the students union.

  • HAMMERSMITH BRIDGE: The future of Hammersmith Bridge as a world-class walking & cycling link – Sat, 18th May 2019, 11:00-13:30, Rutland Arms, 15 Lower Mall, W6 9DJ

          Marco from London Car Free Day attended and gave us an introduction to the ideals behind London Car Free Day and the initiatives to see space as more than just a repository for parked vehicles. They attended as organisers of the Hammersmith Bridge discussion.

          We attended this discussion and walk and it was an involved debate which generated a lot of understanding and support for trialing the bridge as a walking and cycling destination. We will continue to work with London Car Free Day and other stakeholders to impress upon the council the important opportunity this represents.


          We will be organising a feeder ride to Prudential London FreeCycle on the 3rd August. We want as many marshals as possible to support the led ride. Please email to notify us if you can join as a marshal.

          HF cyclists monthly ride was to Teddington via Richmond Park. The destination was the Landmark Art Centre.

          Climate Strike On  A Bike: We attended this and joined with the LCC to support thousands of young people at Parliament Square on Friday 24th May 2019.

  • BIKE HANGERS UPDATE – No update from the council at present. Teneille spoke about her frustration with the process of requesting a bike hanger. She had signed  up for a bike hanger in October 2018 but was told she is 29th in the queue and it is more than a years wait.

   Update: Cllr Iain Cassidy has said that he will look to see what is slowing the pipeline and try to speed the process up.

  • FINANCE – Ken updated us on the current finances and the fact that we can apply for a grant if required. Normally we would forgo the grant but we need to budget for a new or overhauled website so we will apply for the grant to support this capital expenditure.
  • Contributors – We want your stories, pictures, cycling successes and fails, inspirational rides, infrastructure notes and observations etc. Send us your pictures and notes by WhatsApp, Viber or to our Facebook page for us to share.
  • Website – We are seeking a volunteer webmaster if possible.
  • Calendar – Still looking for our best solution for ease of use

               We attended the following:

  • The future of Hammersmith Bridge as a world-class walking & cycling link –
    Sat, 18th May 2019, 11:00-13:30, Rutland Arms, 15 Lower Mall, W6 9DJ
  • Hammersmith Festival Fri & Sat 17-18th May 2019
  • HFCyclists Ride – Sunday, 19th May 2019 to the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington.

     The David Eales Memorial Ride to Amsterdam – 19 – 24 Sep 2019 is coming. Sign up link will be shared on the LCC website shortly.


11th June 2019, 19:00-21:00 at Pekoe Mellow Tea House, 22 Aldensley Road, Brackenbury Village, Hammersmith W6 0DH


    Present: Casey Abaraonye, David Blackett, David Ford, Iain Cassidy (LBHF), Nick Dawson, Paul Saunderson, Peri Abaraonye,
    Apologies: Christopher Brown, Henrietta Bewley, Ken McCosh, Marc Wentworth, Margaret Spector, Mike Robinson, Nick Moffitt (ECC), Neil Webster(LCC Trustee), Pat Tookey, Shirin Khan, Susannah Woodgate, Richard Duffill (LBHF)
  • UPDATE FROM LBHF: Cllr Iain Cassidy, Cycling and Walking Champion,
    Hammersmith & Fulham Council
  • CycleWay 9: Still in the planning and development phase. It will be helpful to demonstrate support for the scheme by way of emails to councillors. Please email your local councillors now and tell them why improving cycling infrastructure is important for you and your family, your neighbours and your local businesses. Find your councillors here: 
  • CW9 will next be discussed at PAC Meeting 18/06/19 at H&F Town Hall. We want to encourage local residents to come and show support for CycleWay 9.
  • Children undertake Bikeability Training in primary school but most of the time they are restricted from riding on the roads by their parents. They then question the point of learning these new skills when they are not allowed to develop the confidence. More inclusive training for young people and parents is required. The environment needs to feel safer to encourage parents.
  • We need to engage with students living and youth councils in the borough to make their voices heard. Car ownership for those 35 years and younger is very low in our borough. We want to hear from them and how best we can meet their needs.
  • Cllr Iain Cassidy spoke about the state of cycling in the borough and the need for more of the silent majority who quietly support the idea of cycling to make their voices heard.
    He gave an example of BeeLines Project in Manchester where local residents got involved in the redesigning of cycle routes in the area. 
    The project was designed from the onset with local residents involvement which gave them a strong sense of ownership. By the time it came to consultation it was received positively with points raised as tweaks and improvements. David Blackett said that in his IT Consultancy they use a similar approach where design is client and end user led.
  • Free Cycle training is available from the borough and can be booked through the council’s website:   
    • Cllr Cassidy spoke about research by Dr Rachel Aldred, Reader in Transport at the University of Westminster on the priority for Dutch cycling infrastructure design. A defining feature was that a cycling accident should not cost your life.
      Find out more about some of the projects, publications, and events that Dr Rachel Aldred is involved in at or on Twitter at @RachelAldred.
    • “Chris Boardman compares cycling in Holland and Britain.”
      – 33% of journeys in Utrecht are done by bikes; 50% of children go to school by bike
      – Less than 1% of cyclists in the Netherlands wear helmets, yet the country has the lowest incidents  of head injuries in the world. 
    • “From the Netherlands Translating the World’s Best Bikeway Designs.” This video shows how Dutch built their cycling infrastructure. You might be surprised it wasn’t all plain sailing. Officials from US cities came to learn from the design successes. 
    • After watching both videos we discussed the uptake of cycling in UK and compared it to Holland and Germany. We noted that the British surge in cycling only started in 2012 following success in the Olympics. Cllr Cassidy spoke of research comparing medium size British and German cities and looking at children’s independence. In the 70’s children started leaving the home for independent tasks at about the same age of 9-10 to go to school, go to the shops, etc. By the 90’s in Germany the age had gone up by about a year whereas in UK the age had shop up to 13-14. Dutch roads are as safe as British roads but the difference is that Dutch roads are recognised as space for children to play and inhabit whereas British roads have had the children replaced by cars. The British attitude is that children should be in the house, the park or the back garden while Dutch attitude is children should be playing on the street outside their home.  
    • Awareness of cyclists that motorists have.
    • Hierarchy of vulnerability: pedestrians, mobility vehicles, cyclists, motorcyclists, cars, vans, buses, lorries. Priority should be given to the most vulnerable in order while at present the motorcars has road priority. There should be presumed liability. In many other countries pedestrians and cyclists have priority when cars turn left or right.
    • David Ford suggested improved cycle route maintenance.
    • These points will be emailed to LCC for consideration.
    • PC Christopher Brown promised to release the CCTV footage of the theft of Casey & Peri’s  bikes from North End Road Market. We want to show this video to help inform  people. We are awaiting the footage.
    • A significant number of bike thefts have occurred at the cafe and toilet in Richmond Park. It would seem thieves come dressed as cyclists and steal bikes.
    • We asked PC Brown about reports that North End Road is being targeted for bike thefts.  
    • Susannah Woodgate asked about roadworks on the corner of Goldhawk Road and Ravenscourt Road, widening pavement. Awaiting update from Richard Duffill.
    • Alexander Bastin submitted photos of Fulham High Street  by Fulham Pre-Prep School where the pavement forces cyclists into the path of traffic. At present there is a traffic light and island that forces vehicles to veer left into cyclists. We are asking the council to look into possible options to improve this, including relocating the crossing, removing the island or moving the bus stop. Iain Cassidy will discuss it with Chris Bainbridge and get back to us.
    • We discussed the current state with roadworks being undertaken by utility companies. Utility companies are responsible for refilling the roads after they dig them up. They work to their own standards which do not always meet the council’s approval. However this is the current operating framework.
    • Casey suggested to the council that for any cycle paths build along trunk roads that noise shielding be erected. They can be used to generate advertising revenue. Such noise barriers are common in other European cities and shield both noise and particulate pollution. We ask that LBHF adopts this as an identifying feature. Casey has also asked the same of TfL.       
    • ECC is organising Ride Leader Training 27th April 2019. We want to encourage confident cyclists to attend this training as we will need ride leaders for the coming London Freeride this summer. The training is free for participants, but places are limited and you do need to register via the link: 
    • Casey demonstrated how to clean and service your brake and gear cables. We recommend that if riding in the rain you do this once a week.
      In general if you cycle on a regular basis you should service your bike at least 2 times per year but rain increases the wear on your bike.  
    • Casey gave an explanation on how and why to clean your chain.
    • At each meeting Casey will demonstrate a bike maintenance tip for those present.  
  • HFC is looking for contributors and communication volunteers in relation to our web site, Facebook and Twitter. I am sure most of you take photos and videos during rides, and you come across interesting places and situation during your daily and weekend commutes. As long as the image or video is related to cycling we want to share it with HFCyclists followers.
    If you are happy your story to be shared please send it by email to or by Viber or WhatsApp to
    Casey (HFCyclists Chair) at 07975612368 or
    Peri (HFCyclists Administrative Management) at 07878327353
  • HFC needs a WordPress developer to volunteer to carry out monthly website updates. If you are interested please get in touch.
  2. HFCyclists will organise a ride every 3rd Sunday of the month.
  3. HFC Ride 28th April 2019: from Hammersmith to Richmond and Wimbledon
  4. North End Road Spring Market – 14th Apr 2019
  5. Cycling events and rides will be added to HFCyclists Google Public Calendar which will be shared for everyone to access.
  6. Thank you to Ken McCosh for organising the last ride to Kensington Gardens and the Serpentine Sackler Gallery. We had a lovely ride through quiet Kensington streets avoiding Kensington High Street. Highlights of the ride were meeting Jeremy Vine with his mesmerising Penny-Farthing bicycle and visiting the Grace Wales Bonner: A Time for New Dreams exhibition. Check photos from the ride at Facebook: or 
    1. “Fancy a stroll on a new elevated park in Hammersmith?” – a site visit is being organised on 17/04. A disused railway tracks could become an elevated park in Hammersmith. A public competition is being staged to generate ideas. Do you have any cycling idea that could be incorporated? 
    1. Innovative grass to protect cyclists and pedestrians from pollution. “Grass is greener for innovative Hammersmith cycle path scheme” – article from 20/10/16. What’s the result almost 2.5 years later?
      Casey and Peri cycled there recently and didn’t see any grass. We asked Iain Cassidy but he wasn’t aware of this project.  
    1. Have you noticed any reduction in traffic in Central London since the introduction of the  ULEZ? ULEZ was introduced at the beginning of the Easter School Holiday, so we will wait to see its impact on daily traffic.  
    1. HFCyclists meeting place: We have discussed whether to change the place of our regular meetings from a member’s residence to a public place. Suggested locations are Hammersmith Town Hall, local pub or cafe,  or a community space. If the location is changed to a public place will that be more appealing to you and where do you suggest we should meet?
    1. Richard Duffill (LBHF) is trying to organise a meeting between local businesses, community groups and local cyclists in relation to drafting a new Walk and Cycle Strategy for the borough.
  1. Cycling Achievements for the month
  2. No entries for this month 
  1. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 14th May 2019, 19:30-21:00
  2. 14 Apr 2019, 10am-5pm, North End Road Spring Market
  3. 27th April 2019, 10am-3pm, Ride Leader Training
  4. 28th April 2019, Sunday – HFCyclists Ride

18th June 2019, 7.00 pm, Tuesday: Community Safety and Environment Policy and Accountability Committee at the H&F Town Hall