MINUTES for meeting on Tuesday 10 Sept 2013

MINUTES for meeting on Tuesday 10 Sept 2013, 7.15 for 7.30pm at the home of John Griffiths, 122c Edith rd, W14 9AP

Apologies: Richard Radmore, Roger de Freitas, Paul Saunderson, Susie Gretz, David Marsh, Alan Rowden

Present: Alex Ingram, John Griffiths, Milan Desai, Ken McCosh, Janusz Carmello and Sima John

1)   Hello to any new members

Milan joined us for first time having helped with marshalling at RideLondon. He’s lived in London 35 yrs, left for 6. Back since January working on local property. Keen on the SkyRides and cycling in general, keen to be involved.

2) Update on ongoing issues and projects

Hammersmith Bridge

Temporary repairs have now been seen on the footpath, as well as on the main roadway. Bridge continues to be in poor condition, and is regularly reported to the group as an issue. Alex had spent some time filing and photographing the bridge to check on condition weekend before the meeting. Noted that expansion joint on pedestrian walkway now rattling when buses pass.

(video of this here http://instagram.com/p/d92JMaxlXt/ )

John G had an update from C Bainbridge (council highways officer) that due to issues with carriageway (the rather obvious degradation in surface) this is delaying the markings aimed at helping cyclists take lane. Alex discussed issues with speed given the way the bridges entered, John G reminded group that LBHF plan to adjust approach on their side. Agreed that 20mph campaign needs to be reinforced (see later in notes). Alex noted motor vehicles slow to walking pace going through barrier on Barnes side.

The Flyunder

We discussed that we hope to be a part of the planning process for this, and have now received an invite to a meeting with the council. Agreed that key was not to focus just on tunnel but on wider traffic impacts and perhaps other local improvements that could be delivered. At same time if A4 simply went underground for long distance issues of traffic needing to use King Street increasing, which conflicts with aim in some promotional material to pedestrianise it.

Finally, Alex led a ride of 10 to the Space4Cycling protest at Westminster on Monday 2nd September. We assembled at Brook Green, and had a

Locally, we have had contact from both Greg Hands MP and Paul Kennedy (a lib dem candidate and campaigner) who are keen to hear our message. The ride in central London saw about over 5,000 turn out and got good coverage.

LCC have now received a formal response from the Mayor on the more specific Space4Cycling demands at Aldgate and Holborn http://lcc.org.uk/articles/mayor-gives-all-clear-to-major-improvements-in-cycling-safety-at-aldgate-holborn-and-cycle-superhighway-2

Mayor’s Cycling Vision impact on borough

Alex reminded group that though we’re not an Outer London borough so were not in recent bids for mini Holland money.


However, with Ealing and perhaps Richmond potentially winning there is an impact of sorts if their route into town (a good commuter route into central London is a requirement) were to route through Hammersmith. This is most likely with Ealing, whose bid focuses on an Uxbridge road corridor from Ealing to Shepherd’s Bush, but also wants upgrades along and near the A40 also reaching the borough.


Richmond Mini Holland Bid:


(warning: contains ‘Dutch’ roundabout that the Dutch would never build)

Richmond LCC review of that bid (recommends that the commuter route goes via Hammersmith Bridge):


Further to that there remains:

Superhighways and Cycle Crossrail

CS9 remains in question until Kensington and Chelsea get behind it, Alex in particular concerned about how to keep pressure for CS9 to happen.

Cycle Crossrail still has no outline designs or timetable, though on TFL roads with linking bridges in White City area as yet far from detailed this couldn’t be a credible route for some years yet..

And funding for other local projects in boroughs: We know Andrew Gilligan has now met the council and hopefully started to negotiate some of his priorities, but these are not currently public.

3) RideLondon review

Alex gave a summary of the RideLondon led rides we organized to help support the Saturday freecycle open to all. Our main led ride in for the morning had 70 riders, turnout on the day at the freecycle was estimated at 50,000. Speed of ride was a problem, despite a slow (8mph) pace being set at the front a combination of traffic lights and slow riders at the back (despite placing children at front) the ride split several times en route. Janusz recommended better connection between the front and back, which seems prudent. Alex suggested splitting the ride into two speeds as Ealing do. John G was keen that we did more at the start to have a welcoming atmosphere. Milan felt the return rides in particular were problematic and indeed signage was poor. Alex suggested inviting Bikeworks or other local bike shops along as they in particular are only minutes from Brook Green. Roads were quieter than expected all day on the route in and out of town when leading rides, which was helpful, with only a single bus causing particular trouble.

We noted the detailed criticism, but reminded ourselves the rides were a success and the group was optimistic that by taking on board the issues we’d identified we could deliver an even more successful led ride next year.

4) Infrastructure Tour

Having earlier mentioned the idea of a tour of cycle infrastructure in the Netherlands, Alex had now undertaken his own early attempt. Alex shared a 10 minute video which he explained a few details from and repeated his offer to devise a cheaper alternative to his tour which could be open to a wide group. Target for this is now Spring 2014.

Note for minutes, LBHF (and a few other West London boroughs) have sent an officer to a cycle study tour in Copenhagen earlier this year, details here: http://urbed.coop/projects/copenhagen-study-tour-west-london

5) Responding to LCC local priorities / Discussion ahead of LCC AGM

Alex led an initial discussion on LCC’s planned approach to local elections in 2014, and discussed the issues we could pick up and outlined how the wards could be worked in accordance with this strategy if adopted at the LCC AGM.

Alex was keen to fit current priorities into these but to ensure we had a clear documentation of all issues in the borough. This would require more input both from within the group and without than we currently have. John G was not convinced this was achievable and was concerned that we ensure a further push on our key issues such as the Hammersmith Bridge campaign for 20mph.

Group agreed that before we proceed on further local activity we should review our existing priorities as identified with council about a year ago. We are now seeking a date with council to discuss further.

6) Working with other local groups/next meetings

Next meeting will be on Tuesday 8th October, location and time to be confirmed shortly. Alex keen for this to be an open meeting at an external location but it is also the day before the Flyunder Summit.

7) Expenses

John had expenses of £35.40 for refreshments

8) AOB

Alex took away a need to get a banner which we had identified as an issue during discussion on RideLondon. A cost for a banner which we can use to identify ourselves at led rides will be brought to a future meeting.

Milan offered to help with the group, perhaps in a planning capacity but noted he may not be in the borough long term depending on where his work in London is based.