1. The name of the group shall be “hfcyclists”. This document is the governing document of hfcyclists.
  2. hfcyclists exists to:
    • encourage more people to cycle
    • improve conditions for cyclists
    • raise the profile of cycling

    particularly in the area covered by LBHF, but not restricted to it.

  3. hfcyclists is a local branch of the London Cycling Campaign. It inherits the objects and powers of that body from the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the LCC. In particular, hfcyclists may hold funds in designated accounts to further the above aims. Such funds may only be spent in agreement with the Chair/Co-ordinator and Treasurer of hfcyclists, subject to the financial rules agreed by the management committee of the LCC. Any cheques must be signed by at least two of the designated hfcyclists signatories. In the event of hfyclists being wound up, any remaining funds shall become the property of LCC or its successor organisations.
  4. Membership of hfcyclists is open to any person or organisation who shares the aims of hfcyclists.
  5. hfcyclists shall be governed by a management committee. hfcyclists shall hold AGMs and may hold EGMs. Only these meetings shall appoint or dismiss members of the management committee or change these rules. An EGM may be called by the management committee. The management committee shall promptly call an EGM if it receives a demand for one signed by six or more members.
  6. The management committee shall comprise the following:
    • Co-ordinator (Chair)
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Not less than two or more than seven others
  7. The Chair/Co-ordinator must be a member of the LCC. All members of hfcyclists are encouraged to be members of the LCC

  8. Members of the management committee shall serve until the following AGM. Candidates will be nominated by another member and seconded by at least one other member. If more than one person is proposed, a show of hands will decide.
  9. hfcyclists management committee shall meet not less than once a quarter. A meeting shall be quorate if at least 3 members of the management committee are present. All members are encouraged to take part in discussions.
  10. All members may attend all meetings and vote at AGMs and EGMs after being a member for a month.
  11. Adopted at the hfcyclists EGM on 11 January 2005 and replacing the rules adopted at the hfcyclists meeting on 5 November 2002.

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