Notes of Meeting, 12th July 2013

Notes of Hammersmith and Fulham Cyclists July Meeting
Friday 12th July, 8pm at the home of Susie Gretz.

1) Attendance
New attendee – Jane O’Grady
Returning – Susie Gretz, John Griffiths, Janusz Carmello, Paul Saunderson, Alan Rowden, Ayse Karde, Ken McCosh and Alex Ingram
Apologies – Natasha Herriot, Roger de Freitas, David Marsh

The meeting started later than usual due to the Space For Cycling protest led by the LCC at Aldgate in the wake of the recent fatality there. Three regular meeting attendees (Alex, Natasha and Janusch) were on the ride and many others from the West of London were also making their voices heard. Total turnout on the day was over 1,500 – LCC report here:

2) Consultations
a) HS2 (High Speed 2, the northerly high speed railway line), Environmental Statement
This had a closing date of Thursday
We submitted a response which was neutral on the principle of HS2 itself but emphasised the following points:
Bicycle provision at Old Oak Common station – current proposal is for this to have zero car parking. No bike facilities on site currently specified, so we have encouraged them to consider cycling as a mode of transport for the large catchment outside walking distance. Emphasised the issues at Kings Cross St Pancras where cyclists approaching HS1 must share space with taxis, minicabs and cars dropping off, sometimes double parked on a two-way road.
Quality of road surface on Wood Lane – drew their attention to appalling quality of road surface here and the need for cyclists to dodge potholes rendering it highly dangerous should lorry traffic be routed this way
Need to take account of present and forthcoming cycle links – Amazingly the Superhighways and Cycle Crossrail were not marked onto their mapping and seemingly not considered. We’ve reminded HS2 that they should think of these as they can also widen the catchment of cyclists who can reach this station and provide areas for them to target cycle links from the station towards.
Disruption to cycle networks – should there be severance of cycle routes they need to take active account and aim to give cyclists the shortest possible diversion. I have drawn their attention to the best achievements of Crossrail in this regard as opposed to the issues on Upper Ground. We have also emphasised any leisure routes that were affected should see alternatives and that dismounting should be avoided wherever possible.
Lastly, although not formally in this stage we have reminded them of the Crossrail commitments on HGV safety and encouraged them to ensure that they follow these guidelines as a minimum this will be a lobbying job to achieve.

b) White City Opportunity Area (Phase 2) – deadline Friday 2nd August

Headlines to be aware of:
cycle access into shepherds bush green at risk
possibility some entrances and exits especially at bottom of Wood Lane where it meets Shepherds Bush Green may change from cycle lane and one traffic lane to two general traffic lanes. Additionally talk of removing some bus lanes.
Lastly, key to remember cycle crossrail will land in the second (or north) phase of Westfield. This is mixed development of shops and housing and links up to Imperial College campus. New green space to be delivered, consultation describes Hyde Park as good example of mixing pedestrians, cyclists and equestrian use. However, space allocation in Hyde Park is insufficient to meet current safety or comfort standards for pedestrians or cyclists.
Planning set to depend upon increased car traffic, which members present including locals such as Jane saw as a problem. TfL study is actually a year old and only indicative. However, Alex recommended that we prepare a general response to the consultation based on the worst case, and press for the highest quality of infrastructure

c) Old Oak Common / Park Royal – Fri 6th September
(this crosses from our borough into Ealing and Brent)
Much further off. Key thing to be aware of is that present use of this area sees a huge majority of car based commuting. Framework seeks to challenge this. Development will make use of Old Oak Common station set to be delivered in HS2/Crossrail. Long term plan, what would our vision of best practice cycling facilities look like here? What can we learn from other similar areas, e.g. Olympic Park?

3) Update on Social Media
We are now on twitter as @hfcyclists and currently tweeting irregularly to over 100 followers after under a month of activity. Those not signed up to twitter can see activity here:
What’s twitter? Well, here’s a video which explains it relatively succinctly:
Most importantly, twitter is not for everyone. Email continues to reach the group well, and our work on twitter is additional. Alex is tending the account at the moment, keeping it relatively plain and clear in tone. Others keen to represent the group are welcome to do so. But most importantly, get involved with twitter first and see if it’s good for you. There are many cycle campaigners on there. Alex maintains a list here on his personal account:

3) Hire Bikes, Superhighways and other such things
Hire bike applications continue. A bit like HS2, focus is less on principle of scheme (it’s happening) but on ensuring implementation is of good quality and avoids unnecessary danger. An application for a stand by Hurlingham Park has met some local difficultly and is going to judicial review.

CS9 plans in Hounslow are essentially finalised, Andrew Gilligan is apparently still due to meet the council in the near future.

4) Central & Neighbouring Group LCC matters
Alex has been to the most recent Richmond and Hounslow meetings. Both were similar groups to our own with some similar struggles and strengths.

Key business in other boroughs is mini-holland bids.
and Ealing:
are online, meanwhile if you haven’t seen it well worth reviewing the Brent cyclists suggested cycling plan:

Aldgate – already before the recent death plans had been put together to replace the gyratory at Aldgate with more conventional two way streets, a public square and other measures. These changes were met with some approval and some criticism at a recent City Cycling Forum Alex attended.
This is worth a review as there are two gyratories (more accurately pairs of them) in the borough which create hazards to cyclists. One is the Hammersmith Broadway combined with King St/Beadon Road and the other is Shepherd’s Bush Green combined with Holland Park Roundabout.

Alex also pointed out that Gilligan was present at this meeting on Aldgate and expressed public dissatisfaction with variance of kerb line (moving cyclist position through junctions) and also City of London’s proposals for quiet ways which were also presented.

Which brings us onto the Flyunder. This was presented again on Saturday 13th July in Lyric Square with these details:
It now looks as though replacing the gyratory will form a part of the flyunder proposal and feasibility study. More discussion on this in future meetings. John and Alex reminded the group of the danger of a long buried section of the A4 actually increasing local traffic on roads such as King Street.

5) Group involvement
We then had a quick discussion (it was getting dark!) on what priorities we could examine. Hammersmith Bridge remains key, and clearly a problem – Alex notes here that he is assembling video and other notes of the conditions on the bridge to help support campaigning to improve the environment for cycling.
Also agreement that the broadway and green need to be reviewed. Alex keen group consider north/south routes as most push from TfL and Cycling Commissioner is currently on east/west routes.
More here to discuss over email and at our next meeting.
Potholes continue to be a concern, Alex has his friendlier guide to submitting details via borough website to come but agreed issue is potentially wider than just this borough.

6) Rides & Events
Sat 3rd August – Ride London – We are starting from Brook Green.
Other possible rides later this summer – Wandle Trail? Parks in area?
Big Ben Ride 2 was a success, and all involved really enjoyed the tour. Other similar distance rides with a free or cheap tour would be great.

7) Expenses
Expenses from John of £10.80 for the Internet website hosting
Expenses from Susie of £30 for hosting and providing hospitality

8) Date/Location for Next Meeting

Date for next meeting is Monday 9th September. Location to be confirmed, but may be a pub for a change and to enjoy the summer. Recommendations welcome! Hope to encourage more members to attend.

9) Any Other Business

Paul Sanderson asked a question about the flashing rear red lights being provided by Barclays branded mechanics (actually Cycleworks provided) at locations in London. These are legal if they emit over 4 candela, CTC’s understanding of the relevant regulations here: