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HFCycling meeting 9 Feb 2021

H&F cyclists Feb 2021


Sebastian Dunnett – Ecology Officer, HF Climate Emergency Team.


Perunika Petkova

Pat Tookey – resident member of climate emergency commission. 

Nicky – pedal back cycling

Angela Grashoff – Hounslow cycle group.


Sebastian Dunnett is Visiting H&F cyclists to talk about Greenfest. The climate emergency commission & the council are keen to restart Greenfest.

Groups we might invite:

Dr Bike

Food stalls, 

Allotment society?


Friends of the earth


Climate emergency commission

Car Free Day

Any possibility of involving schools?

Universities in H&F?

Imperial College Greening team?

(Air pollution team at imperial college doing study on white city.)

Greenfest used to have a music stage, electricity, insurance from the council.   We rented tables etc from a company and then sublet them to the stall holders. 

Discussion on Furnival Gardens – Greenfest always used to be held in Furnival Gardens.  Most central, easiest to get to, point of the borough.  However, maybe  too small & difficult to get to with social distancing, Town Hall redevelopment blocking one of the underpasses, Dove Passage closed for social distancing etc.

Pedal Gives Back

Reconditioning bikes for people who otherwise would not cycle. 

Partnership with United Hammersmith & Fulham charities. 

Donations of abandoned bikes from SW railways.

Upcycles  are another group elsewhere in London doing the same. 

Free for people in need. To get people who wouldn’t usually cycle out on a bicycle.  

Application process up and running through United Hammersmith & Fulham charities. 

Referral thorough non profit groups in the borough. Aim for 50 people a year.

They were doing this in a small way last year with the food bank and a charity for children nearby.

Pat Tookey  suggested asking Westfield for more abandoned bicycles. 

Casey had a similar scheme to restore bikes for imperial.  

Raynaud’s syndrome

Lively discussion on the WhatsApp group about cold fingers & toes and electrically heated gloves.

This month is Reynaud’s & Scleroderma awareness week. www.sruk.co.uk

Can have a big impact – it puts Casey off cycling in the winter.   Fulham to Wimbledon – maybe 20 minute ride. Casey can find after 10 minutes his fingers get too cold and painful to cycle. Casey was first diagnosed by a friend.

Could possibly be a problem for other would be cyclists. 

Local Group Survey

LCC sends a survey out every year to ask what the local groups need and what our experience of the LCC is, what community outreach we have done,  rides etc. We will fill this in at a later date.

What would our members like of LCC & H&F cyclists?

King St Cycleway

Not much progress.  The Cycling Commission will meet next week. TFL may take over part of the project, to ensure Hammersmith Gyratory will be OK.

South Fulham Low Traffic neighbourhood. 

Area within the LTN has seen traffic fall by around 80%.  Plan to create a West Fulham LTN.

Wandsworth Bridge Road Residents don’t want to have traffic displacement.  They would like a cycle lane on Wandsworth Bridge Road, with one fewer lanes of traffic.  

Casey has met with the Wandsworth Bridge Road residents to discuss their plans and possible outcomes.