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    Present: Casey Abaraonye, David Blackett, David Ford, Iain Cassidy (LBHF), Nick Dawson, Paul Saunderson, Peri Abaraonye,
    Apologies: Christopher Brown, Henrietta Bewley, Ken McCosh, Marc Wentworth, Margaret Spector, Mike Robinson, Nick Moffitt (ECC), Neil Webster(LCC Trustee), Pat Tookey, Shirin Khan, Susannah Woodgate, Richard Duffill (LBHF)
  • UPDATE FROM LBHF: Cllr Iain Cassidy, Cycling and Walking Champion,
    Hammersmith & Fulham Council
  • CycleWay 9: Still in the planning and development phase. It will be helpful to demonstrate support for the scheme by way of emails to councillors. Please email your local councillors now and tell them why improving cycling infrastructure is important for you and your family, your neighbours and your local businesses. Find your councillors here: 
  • CW9 will next be discussed at PAC Meeting 18/06/19 at H&F Town Hall. We want to encourage local residents to come and show support for CycleWay 9.
  • Children undertake Bikeability Training in primary school but most of the time they are restricted from riding on the roads by their parents. They then question the point of learning these new skills when they are not allowed to develop the confidence. More inclusive training for young people and parents is required. The environment needs to feel safer to encourage parents.
  • We need to engage with students living and youth councils in the borough to make their voices heard. Car ownership for those 35 years and younger is very low in our borough. We want to hear from them and how best we can meet their needs.
  • Cllr Iain Cassidy spoke about the state of cycling in the borough and the need for more of the silent majority who quietly support the idea of cycling to make their voices heard.
    He gave an example of BeeLines Project in Manchester where local residents got involved in the redesigning of cycle routes in the area. 
    The project was designed from the onset with local residents involvement which gave them a strong sense of ownership. By the time it came to consultation it was received positively with points raised as tweaks and improvements. David Blackett said that in his IT Consultancy they use a similar approach where design is client and end user led.
  • Free Cycle training is available from the borough and can be booked through the council’s website:   
    • Cllr Cassidy spoke about research by Dr Rachel Aldred, Reader in Transport at the University of Westminster on the priority for Dutch cycling infrastructure design. A defining feature was that a cycling accident should not cost your life.
      Find out more about some of the projects, publications, and events that Dr Rachel Aldred is involved in at or on Twitter at @RachelAldred.
    • “Chris Boardman compares cycling in Holland and Britain.”
      – 33% of journeys in Utrecht are done by bikes; 50% of children go to school by bike
      – Less than 1% of cyclists in the Netherlands wear helmets, yet the country has the lowest incidents  of head injuries in the world. 
    • “From the Netherlands Translating the World’s Best Bikeway Designs.” This video shows how Dutch built their cycling infrastructure. You might be surprised it wasn’t all plain sailing. Officials from US cities came to learn from the design successes. 
    • After watching both videos we discussed the uptake of cycling in UK and compared it to Holland and Germany. We noted that the British surge in cycling only started in 2012 following success in the Olympics. Cllr Cassidy spoke of research comparing medium size British and German cities and looking at children’s independence. In the 70’s children started leaving the home for independent tasks at about the same age of 9-10 to go to school, go to the shops, etc. By the 90’s in Germany the age had gone up by about a year whereas in UK the age had shop up to 13-14. Dutch roads are as safe as British roads but the difference is that Dutch roads are recognised as space for children to play and inhabit whereas British roads have had the children replaced by cars. The British attitude is that children should be in the house, the park or the back garden while Dutch attitude is children should be playing on the street outside their home.  
    • Awareness of cyclists that motorists have.
    • Hierarchy of vulnerability: pedestrians, mobility vehicles, cyclists, motorcyclists, cars, vans, buses, lorries. Priority should be given to the most vulnerable in order while at present the motorcars has road priority. There should be presumed liability. In many other countries pedestrians and cyclists have priority when cars turn left or right.
    • David Ford suggested improved cycle route maintenance.
    • These points will be emailed to LCC for consideration.
    • PC Christopher Brown promised to release the CCTV footage of the theft of Casey & Peri’s  bikes from North End Road Market. We want to show this video to help inform  people. We are awaiting the footage.
    • A significant number of bike thefts have occurred at the cafe and toilet in Richmond Park. It would seem thieves come dressed as cyclists and steal bikes.
    • We asked PC Brown about reports that North End Road is being targeted for bike thefts.  
    • Susannah Woodgate asked about roadworks on the corner of Goldhawk Road and Ravenscourt Road, widening pavement. Awaiting update from Richard Duffill.
    • Alexander Bastin submitted photos of Fulham High Street  by Fulham Pre-Prep School where the pavement forces cyclists into the path of traffic. At present there is a traffic light and island that forces vehicles to veer left into cyclists. We are asking the council to look into possible options to improve this, including relocating the crossing, removing the island or moving the bus stop. Iain Cassidy will discuss it with Chris Bainbridge and get back to us.
    • We discussed the current state with roadworks being undertaken by utility companies. Utility companies are responsible for refilling the roads after they dig them up. They work to their own standards which do not always meet the council’s approval. However this is the current operating framework.
    • Casey suggested to the council that for any cycle paths build along trunk roads that noise shielding be erected. They can be used to generate advertising revenue. Such noise barriers are common in other European cities and shield both noise and particulate pollution. We ask that LBHF adopts this as an identifying feature. Casey has also asked the same of TfL.       
    • ECC is organising Ride Leader Training 27th April 2019. We want to encourage confident cyclists to attend this training as we will need ride leaders for the coming London Freeride this summer. The training is free for participants, but places are limited and you do need to register via the link: 
    • Casey demonstrated how to clean and service your brake and gear cables. We recommend that if riding in the rain you do this once a week.
      In general if you cycle on a regular basis you should service your bike at least 2 times per year but rain increases the wear on your bike.  
    • Casey gave an explanation on how and why to clean your chain.
    • At each meeting Casey will demonstrate a bike maintenance tip for those present.  
  • HFC is looking for contributors and communication volunteers in relation to our web site, Facebook and Twitter. I am sure most of you take photos and videos during rides, and you come across interesting places and situation during your daily and weekend commutes. As long as the image or video is related to cycling we want to share it with HFCyclists followers.
    If you are happy your story to be shared please send it by email to or by Viber or WhatsApp to
    Casey (HFCyclists Chair) at 07975612368 or
    Peri (HFCyclists Administrative Management) at 07878327353
  • HFC needs a WordPress developer to volunteer to carry out monthly website updates. If you are interested please get in touch.
  2. HFCyclists will organise a ride every 3rd Sunday of the month.
  3. HFC Ride 28th April 2019: from Hammersmith to Richmond and Wimbledon
  4. North End Road Spring Market – 14th Apr 2019
  5. Cycling events and rides will be added to HFCyclists Google Public Calendar which will be shared for everyone to access.
  6. Thank you to Ken McCosh for organising the last ride to Kensington Gardens and the Serpentine Sackler Gallery. We had a lovely ride through quiet Kensington streets avoiding Kensington High Street. Highlights of the ride were meeting Jeremy Vine with his mesmerising Penny-Farthing bicycle and visiting the Grace Wales Bonner: A Time for New Dreams exhibition. Check photos from the ride at Facebook: or 
    1. “Fancy a stroll on a new elevated park in Hammersmith?” – a site visit is being organised on 17/04. A disused railway tracks could become an elevated park in Hammersmith. A public competition is being staged to generate ideas. Do you have any cycling idea that could be incorporated? 
    1. Innovative grass to protect cyclists and pedestrians from pollution. “Grass is greener for innovative Hammersmith cycle path scheme” – article from 20/10/16. What’s the result almost 2.5 years later?
      Casey and Peri cycled there recently and didn’t see any grass. We asked Iain Cassidy but he wasn’t aware of this project.  
    1. Have you noticed any reduction in traffic in Central London since the introduction of the  ULEZ? ULEZ was introduced at the beginning of the Easter School Holiday, so we will wait to see its impact on daily traffic.  
    1. HFCyclists meeting place: We have discussed whether to change the place of our regular meetings from a member’s residence to a public place. Suggested locations are Hammersmith Town Hall, local pub or cafe,  or a community space. If the location is changed to a public place will that be more appealing to you and where do you suggest we should meet?
    1. Richard Duffill (LBHF) is trying to organise a meeting between local businesses, community groups and local cyclists in relation to drafting a new Walk and Cycle Strategy for the borough.
  1. Cycling Achievements for the month
  2. No entries for this month 
  1. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 14th May 2019, 19:30-21:00
  2. 14 Apr 2019, 10am-5pm, North End Road Spring Market
  3. 27th April 2019, 10am-3pm, Ride Leader Training
  4. 28th April 2019, Sunday – HFCyclists Ride

18th June 2019, 7.00 pm, Tuesday: Community Safety and Environment Policy and Accountability Committee at the H&F Town Hall



    Present: Casey Abaraonye, Henrietta Bewley, Janusz Carmello, Ken McCosh, Mark Wan, Nick Moffitt (ECC), Pat Tookey, Paul Saunderson, Peri Abaraonye, Shirin Khan
    Apologies: Amy Ingram, David Marsh, Marc Wentworth
    • Construction work on the route is set to begin on 18 March 2019, with the work expected to be complete by the end of the year. 
    • We have suggested to TFL that to make the route more appealing and usable it should have noise shielding, which is common in Europe.  
  • HFC is looking for contributors and communication volunteers in relation to our web site, facebook and twitter. If you are interested please get in touch.
  • HFC needs a WordPress developer to volunteer to carry out monthly website updates. If you are interested please get in touch.
  •  HFCyclists will organise a ride every 3rd Sunday of the month.
  •  HFC Ride 17th March 2019: from Hammersmith to Kensington Gardens
  •  North End Road Spring Market – 14th Apr 2019
  •  HFC April’s Ride will be on the 28th of April because the 3rd Sunday of April is Easter
  •  Cycling events and rides will be added to HFCyclists Google Public Calendar which will be shared for everyone to access.
  •  Ride Leader’s training will be organised by LCC in the coming months. We will inform you asap.
    • From Superhighways to Cycleways: TFL have finally taken the decision to rename SuperHighways and QuietWays to CycleWays. Therefore CS9 is changing to CW9.
    • HFCyclists meeting place: We have discussed whether to change the place of our regular meetings from a member’s residence to a public place. Suggested locations are Hammersmith Town Hall, local pub or cafe,  or a community space. If the location is changed to a public place will that be more appealing to you and where do you suggest we should meet?
    • Bike Theft – Casey and Peri’s bicycles were stolen from North End Road within 5 minutes of locking the bikes about 4pm on a busy Saturday. So far no good news but we have requested the Police to provide us with the CCTV which will be shared for people to see how easy and quickly a bike can get stolen.
    • Pat Tookey is thankful to everyone who got in touch to offer her kind words of support after the theft of her bicycle.
    • Richard Duffill (LBHF) is trying to organise a meeting between local businesses, community groups and local cyclists in relation to drafting a new Walk and Cycle Strategy for the borough.
    • Macbeth Centre, Hammersmith offers Bicycle Maintenance Part 1 & 2 and  City & Guilds Bicycle Maintenance Award/Certificate. The number of people attending these courses has dropped. In order to support and encourage more people to use the service OMA Bikes, a local cycling business is offering “Build Your Own Bike” project where you buy a bike in need of refurbishment and then you can enrol on a course where you learn to fix your bike. The outcome is that you get a bike and acquire the skills to maintain it.
      Nearby bike courses where you can enrol:
      – Macbeth Centre, Hammersmith:
      – BikeWorks:
      – London Bike Hub:
  • Cycling Achievements for the month

HFCyclists organising a lovely ride from Hammersmith to Tooting and Wimbledon

        9th April 2019, 19:30-21:00

14 Apr 2019, 10am-5pm, North End Road Spring Market



Held at the home of Ken McCosh, 12 Stanwick rd, W14 8UH

Tuesday 13 October 7.30pm.


Ken McCosh, Lars Laamann, John Grifffiths, Alex Ingram, Janusz Carmello, Paul Fox, Paul Saunderson, Susie Gretz, David Marsh


Roger de Freitas, Sima John, Richard Radmore, Derek Fordham, Ayse Kardes


We were happy to have Paul Fox with us. He lives in the Brackenbury area and his family all cycle. He has offered to help where it is suitable. He has experience in communications.

CHAIRS REPORT. John Griffiths

April 2013 to March 2014

For the first time we have had two people instead of one taking the roles of Chair and Co-ordinator; I the Chair and Alex Ingram the Co-ordinator.

The group has had regular meetings. Thanks to everyone who has participated, and particularly the hosts. We held a few rides, which were very enjoyable, including some large ones into Central London. We had our usual midsummer ride and Christmas ride to hostelries in Richmond. And of course thanks to Roger de Freitas for hosting the summer garden party.

We had good relations with Officers at LBHF. We were involved in consultations on Shepherds Bush Town Centre West and elsewhere. We carried out a survey on Hammersmith Bridge which may have been instrumental in later developments.

Alex led the Space4cycling campaign which resulted later to the new Labour Party agreeing to all the asks in the different wards. Alex was involved in many meetings at the LCC head office and he has also reinvented the website and introduced a twitter account.

Since April 2014.

There have been many developments, including the Labour Party winning the local elections in May 2014. They set up Policy and Accountability Committees, to the first of which nine of our group sent written material, and three of us spoke, all to great effect.

It looks like Hammersmith Bridge will be made 20mph, and things are afoot at Hammersmith Gyratory. Also the Labour Party manifesto offers a Borough wide 20mph speed limit to some undecided extent.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved, including Ken McCosh our Treasurer, and let’s keep the momentum going.


We are in theory covering only the period from April 2013 to March 2014, I took over as coordinator in June of 2013

Since June we have seen significant changes in the wider London Cycle Campaign, which have as I’m sure I’ve said before, been part of the reason I’ve been more active myself along with the opportunities from enhanced Mayoral spending on cycling.

In August 2013 we ran a very successful RideLondon feeder ride with 75 riders including many children. (And again in August of this year). We have had a few other rides, but clearly need to develop our rides programme.

During the autumn of 2013 I reworked the branch website so that it was in a more modern, mobile friendly template and able to handle much more vibrant presentation of our content.

We have detailed feedback on the shepherds bush town centre west scheme. This helped engage us with many local active cyclists.

Hammersmith Bridge was promoted by John as in need of change. I assisted john with this and hope we can see a way to use the way we did that – in the real world with leafleting, online promotion, and email discussions with interested parties. It showed that even outside Space For Cycling we can reach out well.

I have had much contact with local journalists, and have good contacts and have even managed to get us coverage on the BBC London News around Putney Bridge’s closure. The key item in the period is obviously Space For Cycling though it spilled over into May 2014. The highlights of that are not just support from the new Labour council elected in the local elections but also a high number of responses in our borough and a very successful meeting to set our ward asks. I also personally provided some very technical support to keep the website for Space For Cycling functioning and helped train campaigners in other boroughs.

However, it is with some regret that I must state clearly that I cannot continue as coordinator, not least as I will be moving out of the borough in the coming weeks. I am very keen to remain on the management committee and continue contact with the council, but cannot guarantee my time to either arrange these meetings or attend them any more often than once every two months.

I’d just round off by noting we stand on the cusp of some, but not enough change. We will see more 20mph I am fairly certain though it will be a fight to get it. Hammersmith Broadway will change, and I think Hammersmith Bridge will too. However, with Superhighway 9 failing due to blocks by Kensington and Chelsea we risk being the only side of London without a highly trafficked upgraded cycle connection into Central London. In all honesty, that, along with the absurd price and availability of housing for my generation mean I cannot continue to campaign alongside you in this borough, but I will not give up that fight.



LCC grant 287.90

LCC contrib. 160.00

Interest 16.16

TOTAL 464.06


Website 32.40

Catering 315.98

TOTAL 348.38

Nett income 115.68

At 31.03.13 Balance b/f

Unrestricted 3491.44

Restricted 3541.85

TOTAL 7033.29

At 31.03.14 Balance

Unrestricted 3607.12

Restricted 3541.85

TOTAL 7148.97

Allowing for outstanding cheques this tallies with the opening and closing bank balances at the Unity Trust Bank of 7118.57 and 7275.12.

Alex proposed and Paul S seconded that these accounts should be accepted as a true record and this was passed unanimously.

Thanks was given to Ken, John and Alex for the work they had done.


The website, it is great that it is now in a format suitable for mobile devices.

John would like to see a policy on what is covered. He would like the content to include notes of the meetings we have held with LBHF and also notes of all our monthly group meetings. At the moment there is only a note of one meeting, for November 2013. Another problem is that the website has not been updated much for about 5 months, so for example it has the Hammersmith Bridge survey on it which is finished. It should be showing the results of the survey.

Previously the site was updated via an html editing program, now it is based on WordPress. Alex says he will show people how to update it. We need several people to come forward to look after the website. Please contact John if you are willing to help. Website at

Alex says the Twitter account has over 400 followers. It is used to point people to our website and talk about latest news.

Ken and Paul S suggested that we transfer some of our funds to an account which pays higher interest. The Unity Trust bank which we use does not have any suitable accounts to switch to.

Although we, hfcyclists, are a completely independent organisation, the London Cycling Campaign which is a charity registers our funds as part of its reserves. Alex pointed out that a charity is frowned upon if it has unused reserves, and the LCC would like us to use our reserves and would be happy to use our money. Ken pointed out that in the present financial year we have forgone the grant of nearly £300 which is due to us from the LCC.

We should look into moving part of our monies, particularly the part we call our reserved assets, into another account, so that the LCC would feel under less pressure from the Charity Commissioners, and we would have greater interest. We should also be more active in the pursuit of our goals, recognising that a lack of resources is not a problem.


The following people were elected as Officers

CHAIR John Griffiths proposed by Susie, seconded by Ken

TREASURER Ken McCosh proposed by Alex, seconded by Paul S

SECRETARY Alex Ingram proposed by Paul S, seconded by Susie

Other members of the Management Committee were proposed by John and seconded by Alex and duly elected. They are

Lars Laamann, Paul Saunderson, Susie Gretz, David Marsh, Janusz Carmello, Roger de Freitas, Richard Radmore.



We updated Susie, who has been away, on what is happening at the Hammersmith Gyratory, which was covered in the notes of our recent meeting with LBHF.

Susie showed a cutting from this week’s local paper that discussed how RBKC had effectively blocked superhighway 9. Alex had provided some of the information for it.

We discussed air pollution in the Borough. The monitor at Shepherds Bush has been put out of action by a collision. The report on air pollution in LBHF made by Elizabeth Fonseca at the PAC meeting we attended can be found here at page 8. The report on cycling appears at page 1. .

Chris Bainbridge of LBHF reported to John earlier in the day that the February PAC meeting should be dealing with 20 mph speed limits and a cycling strategy that Officers are writing. The consultation on Hammersmith Bridge should be coming out in the next couple of weeks. Works on the Bridge involving a bus gate bypass and 20mph limit [and signs to prioritise cyclists] should be finished by the end of this financial year.

Paul S considered that a 20mph limit in the Borough at 2am for a minicab driver was unreasonable. Alex said that collisions often happened then, and other drivers might have been drinking.


We thanked Ken for his hospitality and for the preparation of the refreshments.


John had expenses of £16.12 for the renewal of the domain

Ken had expenses of £53 for refreshments.


This will be held on TUESDAY 11 November. 7.15pm for 7.30pm

at the home of John Griffiths

122c Edith road, West Kensington, W14 9AP

Notes by John Griffiths [Chair]


Held at the home of John Griffiths, 122c Edith rd, W14 9AP at 7.30pm

John Grifiths, Alex Ingram, Roy Instrall, Susie Gretz, Paul Saunderson, Janusz Carmello, Petrina Beaufoy Helm, Ken McCosh, David Marsh, Sima John

Roger de Freitas, John Gilbert, Ayse Kardes, Sophie Glossop, John Gilbert.

We were pleased to welcome Roy Instrall to the meeting. Roy leads the LBHF Streetscene Enforcement Team. This deals with a wide range of matters including fly-tipping, market traders etc. It also covers dead bikes.

Roy told us of the procedures for removing bikes that are deemed abandoned or derelict and those that are causing an obstruction. Deciding whether a bike is dead or not is not simply a matter of seeing if a wheel or saddle is missing. The owner may have removed them as a precaution against theft. If the tyres are flat as well that is a good indication.

The bike is given a yellow ticket and is then removed a day or two later, using an angle grinder if necessary to cut through D-locks. It is then stored at the depot in Glenthorne road for 21 days at least. In a year about 250 bikes are picked up, and about 5 are reclaimed by their owners..

At the moment the bikes are not recycled in any useful way, other than being taken away as scrap. This is because the Council does not want to be responsible for forwarding bikes that have possibly been stolen or in case the bike has been in a collision and the frame is damaged.

Roy is going to look at the matter to see if there are any alternative ways in which the stockpile of dead bikes can be put to better use by the community.

Roy’s team does not deal with bikes that are removed during pavement works. This is handled by the Council’s contractor.

Roy is a keen cyclist and here is a short clip of him on the Bec Hill Climb.

Roy can be contacted on

The new Council does not become fully operational until after its AGM on 16 June. We understand that Cllr Wesley Harcourt will be the Cabinet Member for Transport, the Environment and Resident Services. Also that Cllr Larry Coherne will head the Policy and Accountability Committee for that section.

We now have had 134 responses to our online survey. The survey was distributed by email, twitter and leaflet. Thanks to all who have filled in the survey, and to those who helped hand out the leaflets

On the question of 20mph on the bridge, there was overwhelming [96%] support for it.
One third of the respondents thought that the bike logos meant cyclists should ride so that they could be overtaken, two thirds that they should ride so that thet cannot be overtaken. For signing meant to convey that cyclists should hold the lane this is not a good result, especially if car and van drivers interpret the logos in the same way.

On seeing the survey Tom Bogdanovicz of LCC told us that Councils can use a sign that states “Narrow lanes – do not overtake cyclists”, even though it is not an officially recognised road sign.

Reading all the responses to thr other questions, John thinks that the best solution for the bridge is a 20mph limit, and very clear signing stating the above, or “cyclist priority” at the pinch points.

We will approach the council with our proposals at some point after 16 June.

The survey has also been useful as a way of introducing cyclists to the group, and many have joined the email group after taking this survey or being on the space4cycling ride.

If you have not done so, please look at the survey now.

The leader of the Council Cllr Stephen Cowan has asked officers to start seeing how the Councils manifesto can be implemented. Alex will be contacting Chris Bainbridge of LBHF soon with suggestions based on our asks and our mini manifesto.

Some of the asks could be of use in wards other than where they were originally proposed, where applicable, such as a car parking space being given over to cycle parking. One suggestion is to use cycle hangars, miniature aircraft hangars, where perhaps 8 bikes can be stored by their owners who each have a key for the hangar.

20 MPH
The Councils manifesto includes
“Extend the Home Zone programme so that all residential streets, not trunk roads, become 20 mph”

The A4 and A40 were trunk roads, but are now designated as part of the Transport for London Road Network. The other main roads are part of the Borough’s Strategic Road Network, over which the Council does not have complete control as TfL has some control.

John and Alex have met with Jeremy Leach of 20splentyforus, and would like to see a Borough wide scheme rather than incremental home zones. Jeremy is working on an active travel scheme that we hope might help us influence the Council.

LBHF are carrying out modelling on proposals for the gyratory post flyunder. This probably includes the scenarios indicated in the proposals for the flyunder, such as no traffic on the west side of the gyratory, two way working on the rest of it, perhaps two way working on King street for buses and cycles.

The flyunder should not much alter the local traffic in the centre of Hammersmith, as the flyunder just replaces the flyover, so there is no reason if the modelling is successful it cannot be implemented straight away.

The gyratory refers to Hammersmith Broadway, the old main drag on the north side, Butterwick, the ghastly racetrack on the east side, Talgarth rd to the south and Queen Caroline street on the west. In the interim it would be good if this was made 20mph.

In recent emails Morag has asked what has happened to the short contra flow cycle lane on Glenthorne rd. Chris has explained this is now incorporated into shared use on the footway. Alex asked what has happened to the elephant footprints indicating where a cycle route crosses Glenthorne rd. Chris explained that these markings can officially only be used at a signalled crossing, and so they have been removed.

John noticed that there is now a ramp barrier across the entrance from Wood Lane. Chris has passed this on to Simon Franklin, LBHF cycling Officer. Alex and Paul added that there had been problems with travellers on the Scrubs six months ago and that the dormant barrier had since been put back into operation.

This update from Simon Franklin, since the meeting

[Parks Police and Parks have been discussing the replacement of the barrier and potential installation of automated bollards or another form of barrier. Consideration will be made for cyclists, but unfortunately there is no particular time scale for this scheme at present as we need to determine an accurate cost estimate for the works and find the appropriate funds.

I am pressing for this work to be prioritised .

Good news is that Parks have a programme to upgrade sections of the cycle route – possibly to be shared use as in Bishops Park.]

LCC organise ride leader training for a group of up to ten people for five hours for £250. hfcyclists could pay for this but we would expect you to lead or help out on rides.

If you are interested in participating please contact Alex on and state whether you can do weekdays or weekends or both.

Join us on our annual ride through Richmond Park to the Roebuck on Richmond Hill. This legendary ride is a highlight of BikeWeek. Local groups ride to meet up there to the greet the sunset.

Meet at 7pm for 7.15pm departure. On the platform overlooking the Thames at the end of Queen Caroline Street almost under Hammersmith Bridge.

Contact Janusz on , 07809 611 077

Simon Franklin of the council has invited all local cyclists to their Cycle Week breakfast
8-10AM outside Hammersmith Town Hall, Thursday 19th June

Roger de Freitas is hoping to hold a splendid garden party again this year, perhaps towards the end of July. More later.

Paul wanted us to mention Billie. She died recently aged 100. She was a pioneer of long distance riding. She has an entry in wikipedia.
Interview on her 100th Birthday:

Alex had expenses of £57.22 for buying a banner, and printing and laminating costs involved with space for cycling
John had expenses of £24 for Monkey survey [ Hammersmith Bridge survey]
And £33.43 for refreshments.

Tuesday 8 July, 7.15 for 7.30pm, at the home of Susie Gretz, using the lovely garden if clement.

Susie at 4a Eynham rd, W12 0HA
020 8749 1969

MINUTES of hfcyclists meeting Thursday 8th May 2014

MINUTES of hfcyclists meeting Thursday 8th May 2014, at the home of Ken McCosh
Attending – Janusz Carmello, Alex Ingram, Ken McCosh, John Griffiths, Paul Saunderson, Richard Radmore, Suzie Gretz, Patrina, Sima John
Apologies – John Gilbert, Alan Rowden, Elizabeth Hopkirk, Milan Desai, Ruth Mayorcas, Roger De Freitas

– Hammersmith Bridge –
NOTE – survey now live here –
Already good response – but do share widely if you can.
John took group through his survey on Hammersmith Bridge, developed with
some assistance from Alex. Aim was to gather how people interpreting
newly painted lines, and test some concepts as well. Seeking feedback
from pedestrians and less confident cyclists in particular.
Paul queried about how some of the setups might work in rush hour, John
acknowledged workings showed some pressure there. John also cited
particular issues shown in working out concepts with oncoming traffic
versus lane widths. Visibility of cyclists to others vs. subjective
safety they experience a problem. Suzie expressed doubts change was
likely, Ken noted that as a lesser bridge traffic is more local even if
Survey is using surveymonkey – cost is £24/month. Likely could run for 3
months so £72 total cost. No objections cited, Alex noted that though he
disagreed with technical argument, for using it he felt no issue in cost
given size of reserves.

– Space For Cycling Update –
Alex said support mostly happening at party level rather than wards.
Greens, Lib Dems and Labour all signed up in full to the ward asks.
Being nagged for a firmer detailed commitment on manifesto, but this
essentially there with Greens and Lib Dems. Conservatives now (14th May)
finally responding to queries – await responses but expect it may well
be at least partly negative. John said he had an email saying his ask
hadn’t been submitted fully, Alex asked him to forward on to him to see.
Alex checked with John on date for council being active. Not until July
– can discuss response/welcome to elected council post-election at next

– Big Ride Update –
Confirmed date of Saturday 17th May, Alex coordinating and John to lead
ride (at least outbound). Alex, Ken, John, Paul S and Richard R signed
up currently with Janusz to confirm if able. More still welcome to help,
Alex noted that not just help with ride leading, but also helping
organize riders. Alex detailed leaflets, placards and other plans for
the start, all since out in public. Also demoed chalkboard to enable
people to take photos with a message of their choosing. As this was
cheap (£1) group reckoned worth getting a couple spare (now done). Alex
noted banner was now due back from printers (now arrived). Alex also
sought later clarification that we supported inviting politicians and
police to do bike marking. Both agreed. Bikeworks also invited to run Dr
Bike. No notable response on those so far, alas.

– Training – for Ride leaders –
Paul S suggested that we should look at funding training for rider
leaders. Alex notes for the minutes (after checking) that LCC has been
devising ride leader training and is developing a course with a
certificate. This is £250 for 10 ride leaders to be trained for 5 hours,
training by 2 experienced trainers and LCC can award certificate if
course roughly mid-June or later. Riders for that need to be experienced
and likely commit to lead at least one ride. This will go onto agenda at
next meeting – Can we get 10 riders? If not who could/should we invite?

– Training – for ordinary riders –
Patrina asked about this, most boroughs provide training at a low cost
for residents and workers. In Hammersmith & Fulham, this if £5 (can be
waived if unwaged) details on council page here:
Elsewhere in London, training is mentioned on TfL site, but they need to
fill in form. Probably still worth it though.
Note, LBHF also offer free training on bike maintenance:

– John Gilbert –
had emailed on various issues supplementary to agenda – possible pontoon
routes, but outside borough. Still, would be interesting to hear more.
John also noted his company Bikeitup, stall at Acton market sometimes.
Had been in greenfest when we ran it, no clear opportunity from us for
similar opportunities at present.

– LCC Grant –
Ken – we can apply year by year, it’s about £2-300/yr, paid based on
members in borough. LCC anxious about large reserves. Asking branches to
waive grants and use reserves better. Reserve is 7200, grant this yr
would be 283. Seems sensible to waive from LCCs POV. John said he was
previously against waiving, but now not against that. Paul S asked if we
had waived before. Ken confirmed we hadn’t. Alex supportive. Context of
tight resources in LCC especially as supporting smaller/newer/busier
borough groups. LCC expressed thanks for waiver and said due to ours and
others now several additional £k funding in their campaigning.
AGM/ Next Meeting – Alex noted AGM last year was in June. Management
team felt ready but Ken noted we can put it off a month, then AGM in
July. Meeting agreed to knock back a month. Instead next meeting agreed
to be June at Suzie’s. July meeting may be delayed as Ken away, August
usually no meeting? September as AGM.

– Rides –
Sunset ride. Date confirmed by David Lomas as 18th June (bike week),
ride from Hammersmith to plan. Alex noted opportunity still there to do
rides on reworked Wandle trail (though Janusz noted not much reworked!)
and perhaps to an Ealing festival (but not the beer festival, by comment

Other actions noted briefly at end
Potholes – Suzie said part of issue at Wood Lane, is that green surface
applied on top. Green surface flakes off. Alex said baked in colour
would help, but then protected space would be better still.
Summer canal meeting! Need to get in touch with Canal/River Trust.
School fairs – can we contact the schools, check dates of school fairs?
Alex noted he’d got schools directory as part of Space For Cycling,
would get in touch.

Costs – £30 for refreshments at the meeting. Alex notes he has some
further Space For Cycling expenses, but hard to know exact until
placards made. Roughly looking like about £15-20 extra. Receipts to be
totalled later.

Space For Cycling meeting on Monday 17th February 2014

Note, no formal minutes exist for this meeting (an audio recording was used to decide our asks but not retained). The final asks from this meeting are published on the site.

AGENDA for Space For Cycling meeting on Monday 17th February upstairs in local pub, Blue Anchor at 13, Lower Mall, Hammersmith, W6 9DJ from 6:30PM, starting just after 7PM.

Contact – Alex Ingram – 07717725120 –

6:30PM – start to arrive (remember, upstairs!)
7:00PM – kick off meeting with introductions
7:05PM – Space For Cycling – Shepherd’s Bush cluster and Hammersmith Cluster
8:00/8:15PM – break
by 8:30PM – Space For Cycling – Fulham Cluster
9:00PM – AOB

Details of asks by ward and maps of the clusters and asks now live on the website:

Note – this timetable is HUGELY pessimistic on our pace and we may find the process faster and more straightforward.

The key to the meeting is that we must come up with one ask for each ward in the borough. Some roads are on the boundaries of boroughs, additionally some wards (especially Hammersmith Broadway) have a lot of suggested ideas. In such wards we may find combining several ideas into a bigger ask the best solution. We should also discuss how we might create extra material (especially video) by the end of the month to support the asks. I’m quite happy to take charge of production of such pieces but I’m keen for extra ideas on how to make that work! And if anyone wants to feature in a video that is especially welcome.

Let me know if you’ve any queries and feel free to start to comment on the email list replying to this message as well. I know not everyone can make the meeting, but feedback ahead is especially welcome.