Help hfcyclists with Space For Cycling

There are a number of tasks we will be looking for assistance with from, well, now all the way to May. Some of these are wonderfully simple, some are more involved.

Come to our next meting

Our next meeting is on  Monday 17th February at Blue Anchor on Lower Mall by Hammersmith Bridge.

Meeting after that should be Monday 31st March at the same location.

Very Simple


  • Photographs, take a photograph of anything you consider a barrier to cycling, let us know where it is of and we may be able to use it help explain the campaign.
  • Videos, if you got a recent digital camera or phone you can easily video particular areas. LCC are very keen that we produce some videos to support the asks, and we can help edit videos together to make them clear.

If you can, upload your photographs and videos to services like flickr and YouTube, then send us a link by email to to show us. If that’s tricky, send us an email and we’ll help you out. You may also add photographs to the Flickr Group Pool for the wider London Cycle Campaign for Space for Cycling.

Things you may know that we don’t

  • Local rides – Ahead of the ward asks meeting we need to review the areas chosen in the survey to make sure we can make informed decisions. I’m keen to pursue this from next weekend onwards and will post details on here so people can join in. Clearly these will be modest paced rides and can be fairly social.
  • Local candidate lists, if you’re involved or know of a local party and can let us know of candidates for the election – let me know!
  • School PTAs or other parties keen to increase cycling to school – We’ve got some older statistics on cycling in the borough (from 2011) but can you highlight particular schools in your area or your family or friends go to? It would be good to get a clear focus around schools and young people.

Email and let us know!

We like money, if you can spare it

The Space For Cycling campaign is not without cost! We are not fund raising locally but you can fund the overall campaign by supporting the London Cycle Campaign. 

If you are a member of the overall campaign already, thank you. Your support is important. If you can’t help further with your own time but can afford it  you can always donate on the main LCC site.

If you aren’t a member of the London Cycling Campaign and would like to join, annual membership is £36. You don’t have to be a member to support our campaign, and you are welcome at our meetings regardless of your status.

More Involved

  • Writing for the website, if you can help explain an ask or how a theme can work in the borough, send me an email.
  • Events, we will need to arrange a launch of sorts for the campaign in the borough. This is essentially a photo-call with a few banners. More information nearer the time. We will also need to get banners for this (LCC currently examining cost-effective options)
  • Lastly, there will be a led ride from our borough to central London on 17th May. For now just make sure you keep the date free but this will be a similar format to previous ‘big rides’. I’m keen that we find a way to get as wide a range of people on this ride as possible to help highlight those who wish to cycle. We can potentially do something slightly more creative than a straight ride and have a mini-event in the borough. One to think about.

Email if you can help out.

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