Severely degraded surface of Hammersmith Bridge

Hammersmith Bridge – Resurfacing and Closures

Hammersmith Bridge is finally going to see much needed repairs starting next week on Monday, January 13th. Following on from earlier closures last year, the council are finally undertaking a programme of works to replace the road surface on the bridge.

This will involve repairing or replacing the wooden deck panels and then resurfacing the road surface on top of them. Given the nature of the works the bridge will see closures and these are set to affect people cycling over the bridge.

The first set of works will be on the southbound lane. It will be closed completely from 7am – 3pm from Monday to Friday all the way from Monday January 13th to Friday February 28th. The daytime nature of these works will doubtless cause trouble for many people but is timed to avoid the evening outward rush hour.

The Council is asking cyclists to dismount and walk (presumably) over the narrow footpaths on each side:

Access will be maintained in both directions over the bridge for buses, emergency vehicles and pedestrians. Cyclists will have to dismount and walk their bikes across the bridge.

We are rather disappointed by this and are querying the layout proposed for those cycling to dismount from (kerbs are high, so ramps are important) and if any leniency can be provided when works are less busy given that buses are able to pass in both directions. There will presumably be some form of signalised flow to let buses and emergency vehicles over in both directions using the remaining lane.

The council also proposed weekend closures for three weekends, January 25-26, February 1-2 and February 8-9, from 8am on Saturday to 5am on Monday.

The signed diversion for motor traffic will be via Fulham Palace Road and Putney Bridge for southbound traffic and northbound traffic will be diverted to Chiswick Bridge.

We naturally welcome moves to resurface the bridge, but kindly remind the council that we believe that there is a keen need for 20mph speed limits on the bridge and approaches, and that a longer term solution must be found for this bridge to make it safer for cycling.

The full council news story is on their website.